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Kort! - Fata Morgana

Short Film, 2011, 5 min.

What is real and what isn't? Under the burning desert sun, a little man, conceived in simple lines, exploits a lemonade stand. He patiently sweeps endless amounts of sand with his eye on the last bottle in the fridge. He does not drink it, because a customer may arrive. And then, when the hawker had finally abandoned hope, a thirsty desert traveller appears. Suddenly, the vendor seems unable to distinguish correctly between good and evil, and between reality and illusion.
The screening of this film is part of the They Move, So They Are programme.

other prizes

  • BR - Anima Mundi Third Prize Audience Award,
  • BR - Anima Mundi On The Road Award
  • IT - Best Animation, Novara Filmfestival

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