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Anouk - Dominique

The video for Anouk’s first single in Dutch is also set in a typically Dutch setting: a campsite. Among the caravans and sanitary facilities, love blooms between two young holidaymakers. …


Sun City

Sun City: that is the name of the luxurious city in Arizona that was specially built for rich Americans that go and live there after retiring. A city with its …


Aan de rand van bestaan

Jocelyn Manatad and Rosalina Suico live in the expanse of slums around the Filipino coastal town of Davao on the island of Mindanao. Like many poor farmers and peasants, they …


In krakende welstand

Feature about the Amsterdam squatters' movement. The film follows three squatters from the start who have gradually grown apart. Their experiences serve to portray the changes at the squat from …


It's Magic Time

It's Magic Time follows the vicissitudes in and around 'multi-channel experience marketing company' Magic Minds, brainchild of the irrepressibly optimistic ('On moratorium day, I play the piano') entrepreneur Erik Bartels. …


Dwars door de Sahara

Report on the adventurous trip by the Spectrum film crew, shooting Bruin Goud, a film about the cacao and chocolate production. By car, the crew drives from Amsterdam to then …


De Trip van Teetje

Tate, a young and crooked businessman, thinks he can get rich quick by buying a Russian freighter in the port of Rotterdam. This turns out to be a fiasco because …


Een galerij - Groeten uit Tirol

Episode from the thirteen-part NOS series A Gallery about a TV crew who shamelessly forces its way into the life of a man and his two children for a TV …


Dutch Touch

For a year, director Helmer followed three Dutch rappers: Brainpower, Duvel (of Duvelduvel) and Jay Colin. She interviews them, films them at home and on the road and registers shows …



15-year-old Jesse is the only one who witnessed the stabbing of his friend Jonas. Now he has to face his family and friends form the BMX riders crew and explain …


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