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Netherlands Film Fund

The Netherlands is home to a vibrant film industry with an open attitude towards international coproduction. The Netherlands Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production and film related activities in the Netherlands. Its focus is to develop and strengthen Dutch cinema and film industry both domestically and internationally.

Selective funding

The Film fund offers various selective funding schemes on production and distribution for minority Dutch coproductions.
The minority coproductions scheme is open for feature films, animated features, documentaries, short animation and interactive & immersive media productions. We strive to optimise the combination of selective funding for minority coproductions with an incentive grant. The annual budget for selective funding targeting minority coproductions in 2020 is € 3,7M.

Primary conditions

  • maximum grant up to € 200 K for feature films, € 50 K for documentary, short animation or interactive and immersive media production
  • full spent obligation on Dutch services, cast & crew
  • fluent combination with incentive funding
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The Netherlands Film fund supports 8 selective funding programs in total.

Netherlands Film Commission

The Netherlands Film Commission is a division of the Film fund.

The Netherlands Film Commission is the national liaison between the Dutch creative media industries, foreign producers and production companies in the Netherlands. Your general resource for all film related inquiries such as locations, permits and Dutch incentive production companies.
We are your matchmaker and can advise on financing possibilities of the Film Fund, including the cash rebate.

What more does the Netherlands offer international producers and production companies?

  • No-nonsense English speaking workforce
  • Top notch equipment , studios and VFX & postproduction facilities
  • Largest exterior fresh water stage in Europe
  • No union limits
  • A great variety of amazing locations
  • Famous Dutch Light
  • General support

Financial exploration support

International producers that have been in contact with the Netherlands Film Commissioner about a concrete plan and consider to shoot or postproduce in the Netherlands are in the position to apply for financial support for the research of their plan. We offer support for location scout, line producer and / or postproduction supervisor including visists to Dutch based production companies, postproduction facilities, local transport and accommodation. To apply send an email to the Film Commission.
We will serve and support you working in and with the Dutch filming industry.

To apply for financial support for your research

Please check out the different selective support schemes