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In het Licht van de Haard - sagen en legenden

Spoken, weerwolven, duivels, kabouters, engelen en andere fantastische thema’s uit onze volkscultuur staan centraal in deze dertiendelige avonturenserie van regisseur Robin Peeters en auteur Ton van Reen (Klein Volk, Gestolen …


Jaar één - Alan Reeve na dertig jaar opsluiting.

Documentary in which the Englishman Alan Reeve is followed in the first year after his release from a Dutch jail. At the age of 15, Reeve killed a fellow teenager. …


De helaasheid der dingen - The Misfortunates

Successful writer looks back on his childhood, particularly the year 1986, when he was placed in juvenile detention. As a thirteen-year-old kid, he and his father and three uncles live …


Onvoltooid tegenwoordig

When Johan van der Keuken passed away in January 2001 at the age of 62, he left behind the unfinished first part of a new full-length documentary. The second part …


De legende van de Bokkenrijders

Thirteen-part youth series based on the book Escape from the Gallows by Ton van Reen. The story is set in the second half of the 18th century. The southern Dutch …


De erfenis

Daan van der Elsken is used to being in front of a camera. First it was his father’s lens, the famous photographer and filmmaker Ed van der Elsken; this time, …


Bewogen koper

Documentary based on anthropological research in which the striking transformation of the Western brass band is investigated in several non-Western cultures. Van der Keuken filmed and Noshka van der Lely …


De natuurlijke ruimte

In The Nature of Space, Frank Scheffer juxtaposes the ideas of two Dutch architects: the Benedictine monk Dom H. van der Laan and the anthroposophic architect Ton Alberts. Van der …


De avondboot

This Telefilm is loosely based on the second part of Vonne van der Meer's novel trilogy. A group of holidaymakers descends on the West Frision Island Vlieland, where each of …


Café Derby

Belgium, 1985. George, a genial stallholder and born salesman, gets the chance to rent a bar at a top-rate location. Café Derby is next to the terrain where the pope …