UPDATE time for all professionals who are working in de Netherlands media sector

Available NOW !

On the website of the Netherlands Film Commission the movie DATABASE is open for changes (= updates).
This database is one of the largest public Dutch movie databases including anyone in the Netherlands who cooperated in a film production. At present, there are now 12,844 productions, 34,268 persons and companies listed in this database.

The database is certainly not complete yet so we need YOUR SUPPORT. The Film Commissioner invites everyone to sign up and log in OR, if you have been invited by an INVITE mail, please sign in and update your data.

National and international awarded productions, which are visible in the database, count for everyone who participated in that awarded production, from Director to Assistant.

Take your time to update your data and log into the lower yellow navigation bar OR 

Sign in here or request an account BUT read first all possibilities at how to edit