why the netherlands

01 - a wide variety of locations

The Netherlands has a stunning range of film locations. From quiet polder landscape, broad beaches, extensive forests and water to the widest variety of architecture styles. From medieval towers, gates, streets and castles to ultramodern buildings and anonymous, ultramodern cities with international appeal.

02 - famous dutch light

Over the ages, generations of painters and artists have ensured that the impressive meteorological play of water, land and sky came to international fame as “Dutch Light”. It can be admired all year: often sharp shadows, at sunset and sunrise romantic deep red colours which provide great production value. The total number of sun hours in the Netherlands is about 1521 per year. The peaks are in the months of May and June with over 12 hours of available light per day. In the winter the sun shines an average of 1.3 hours a day which is 7 hours of available light.

03 - no union limits

The working climate in the Netherlands is very dynamic and flexible. Trade unions and employers ensure that supply and demand on the labour market balance as well as possible. No Union requirements or demands. In the creative sector, many people operate independently, ensuring adequate service, great efficiency and high quality. Working hours:10/7, also at weekends and holidays.

04 - a wide range of professionals

The Netherlands has thousands of highly qualified, prize-winning professionals with the widest possible range of expertise from location scouts, production crew, co-production companies, casting, technical positions, post-production, animation and photography to (low budget) rental equipment.

05 - lots of public spaces

Throughout the Netherlands you can find attractive, modern, well-maintained and often freely accessible (public) spaces like parks, bridges, tunnels, beaches, tulip fields, dikes, (open-air) theatres and museums, sports fields, swimming pools, libraries and city halls. 

06 - finely meshed infrastructure

The Netherlands has about 135,470 kilometres of public roads. Of these, 5012 km are motorway. The provincial and local road network encompasses more than 130,000 km. With about 57.5 km of motorway for every thousand square kilometres, the Netherlands has the highest motorway density in the European Union. Thanks to this finely meshed infrastructure, all destinations can be reached by car from Amsterdam Schiphol airport in about two hours. According to a variety of travel guides, the Netherlands has an “excellent”, almost 24/7 public transport network of buses, trams, metro and (hi-speed) rail links. The most important airports are: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Maastricht/Aachen Airport and Groningen Airport Eelde. Twente Airport is in development.

07 - good possibilities for funding & sales

The Netherlands Film Commissioner as well as the local and regional Film Commissioners help you and your (film) project with a wide variety of issues, varying from applying for permits to acquiring (additional) funding. At the end of 2013, the National Government agreed to give an added injection of 20 million euro per year for the introduction of a Film Production Incentive through a cash rebate system. Besides the Film Commission and the Film Production Incentive the Film Fund offers selective funding for minority coproductions and support is given for exploratory days for a local location scout, executive producer and/or post-production supervisor.

08 - fine digital landscape

The Netherlands is known for its excellent broadband internet coverage. Professionals and companies are easy to find on the web and the national digital landscape is fertile ground for all kinds of researchers.

09 - open society, open minded people

From a variety of testimonials by numerous international directors and producers who have shot a production in the Netherlands, it’s clear that they regard working and staying in the Netherlands as especially pleasant. The tolerant, open mood, hospitality, film friendly, helpfulness and open-minded attitude of the Dutch struck the film crews.

10 - it’s easy to communicate

The EF English Proficiency Index of 2013 (EPI, the international table for English language skills) reveals that the Netherlands is number three of the 54 non-English-speaking countries tested. Only the Swedes and Danes speak better English.