Zwarte sneeuw - Aflevering 6 en 7 Lang Televisie Drama, 1996, 624 min.

Two episodes of a twelve-part television series about a naïve girl confronted with her father's dark past. Eva Bender works as au pair in France when one day her parents drop in with the news that they are splitting up. They are very secretive and don't stay for long. Next day, Eva finds out that her parents have had a serious accident on their way home. Her mother is dead, her father is in coma. Back in Holland, after her mother's funeral, Eva finds out that her father has a second house in Amsterdam. Intrigued by this fact, she moves into the house. In the weeks that follow, a series of events put her on the trail of her father's hidden second life. Episodes six and seven will be screened at the Netherlands Film Festival.






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