Zebra - Het mes erin Short television drama, 1998, 50 min.

Episode from Zebra, a series of ten separate stories in which very ordinary people accidentally fall victim to their own (mis)deeds and find themselves answering to the courts. The factor linking the stories is a probation bureau in a middle-sized town. Zebra, the nickname of new recruit Sylvia de Ridder, makes her entrance. She is striking woman who goes her own way. In Het mes erin (The Knife In) based on the vandalising of Barnett Newman's paintings Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue and Cathedra in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Zebra is confronted with an artist who has an aversion to abstract art.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

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    Staff at Rabotsky Film Art Department

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Sound mixer

  1. Peter Warnier
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Sound editor

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