Verhalen van de straat Short television drama, 1993, 29 min.

Television series of five separate episodes. Each part focuses on one or more people who live their life or react to it slightly differently than one would expect. Together the episodes form a slightly absurd drama series about the inhabitants of a street somewhere in Holland. For example in the episode Concert aan huis five elderly flat-dwellers try to agree to a compromise with the mentally-handicapped Desirée and Dieudonné, who regularly express themselves on a drum kit. Is Salto Mortale about 11-year-old Clara, who cannot come to terms with the death of her grandmother. And in De vrouw die in bed ging liggen, a housewife suddenly becomes aware of the fact that, having taken care of others for years, it is her turn to be taken care of. Serie 5 x 29 minutes.





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