Verbannen naar Beilen Short documentary , 2011, 50 min.

In Beilen, right by the railroad, the closed clinic Duurzaam Verblijf has been built. Unmanageable and homeless addicts from the Randstad with psychiatric problems are placed here on the authority of the court, until they are capable to participate in daily life again. Their case history and their behaviour often place social workers in insurmountable dilemmas. Frans, Benji and Wilma are the protagonists in this documentary. Behind the fenced walls, a holiday park-style environment has been created, where social workers provide tailor-made care. Sometimes they go shopping with their clients in Beilen. Frans is an eloquent man from Rotterdam who won?t be trifled with and tries to go his own way. Benji stays in bed, sheets pulled over his head. He has stopped tinkering with his moped. The timid Wilma is still visited by her family. In the end, she?s the only one who will reintegrate into society.





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