Vele Hemels - Many Heavens Feature film, 2017, 99 min.

RELEASE DATES 30 NOVEMBER 2017 (NETHERLANDS). Eva is always ready to save the world. Solid as a rock, she’s there for her teenage niece, her quarrelling parents and her besotted sister. All the time. She is a champion of giving, except to herself. Indeed, behind her wide smile and immense empathy, lurks a growing, gnawing loneliness. In 'Many Heavens', five characters are more at odds with themselves than with each other, navigating an existence that is simultaneously ridiculously beautiful and terribly tricky. A film about obstacles that grow into mountains and having the courage to choose your own happiness. Griet Op de Beeck is one of the most widely read authors in the Low Countries. 'Many Heavens', her debut novel, is finally being made into a film by Jan Matthys.





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