Tussen 2 huizen Short film, 2006, 42 min.

For this dance film, director Clara van Gool chose two non-dancers in the leading roles. Stella (Anneke Blok) is a culinary journalist, Oscar (Bert Geurkink) a TV weatherman. Every night they sleep together, caught in a mutual embrace. This loving routine is disrupted when they have to look after their neighbour's house - separated from theirs by a terrace spanning an inner courtyard. Taking turns, they go to the house and abandon themselves to individual pleasure, excluding the other. The arrival of a strange man in the house (dancer/choreographer Jordi Cortés Molina) increases the tension in their relationship. Van Gool uses dance movements and music soberly but functionally. The actors do not speak: the scarce conversations are inventively drowned out by the sounds of St. Petersburg, the city where Van Gool found a suitable background for her film.






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