Total Loss Feature film, 2000, 90 min.

This psychological thriller is based on the play by Karst Woudstra. On New Year's Eve, three friends drive into a tunnel quarrelling. They ignore road works, roll the car and crash. In the last split second, their lives flash before their eyes. Flashbacks unravel how the men met and what preceded the quarrel. The reconstruction leads to Duco, a psychiatrist who is hiding his homosexuality from his parents. He falls in love with the homeless Reinier, and takes him in. Their love-hate relationship is disrupted when Reinier takes into his house Jeroen who has attempted suicide. Jeroen cleverly digs into the pasts of the men, fathoms their strange relationship and feeds the repressed tension. He uses the situation to his own ends.





  1. Leontine Petit
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  2. Joost de Vries
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  1. Danny van Spreuwel
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