Toneelgroep Amsterdam - deel 1, 2, 3 Documentary film, 2001, 159 min.

In the TV documentary in three parts Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Niek Koppen is the proverbial fly on the wall following the activities of the largest theatre company in the Netherlands during their 1999-2000 season. It is an eventful period for the troupe, because their artistic director and co-founder Gerardjan Rijnders will leave them at the end of the season and will be succeeded by Holland Festival director Ivo van Hove. Koppen concentrates, in more or less the same way he did in De keuken van Kok, on the enterprise behind the scenes. With his shoulder camera, he registers meetings about the application for subsidy, discussions about cancelling an inadequate play, the tense anticipation of reviews, and the recurrent rituals in the dressing rooms. Koppen shows the highlights and setbacks of life in and behind the limelight.



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