The Crossing Feature film, 1999, 90 min.

Surreal political drama in five acts set on one day in Brussels. Bâbak is a retired cleaner who fled twenty years ago from his homeland of Afghanistan to Belgium. He tries to forget his past. In the run-down lodging house where he has lived for years, he meets a newcomer at the breakfast table. It is the friendly but mysterious Sârbân who says he is looking for a long-lost relative. After breakfast, each goes his own way. During a second encounter, Sârbân's stories are gruesomely close to some aspects of Bâbak's own past. Another meeting takes place over lunch: Sârbân has prepared an authentic Afghani meal for Bâbak. Little by little, it turns out that the stranger knows more about Bâbak's past and the mood gets progressively grim.






Cinematographer - DoP


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