The Angelmakers Short documentary , 2005, 30 min.

The small village of Nagyrev in the Hungarian countryside holds with a dreadful secret. It was discovered in 1929 that a large number of men from the village had been murdered. They had all died from the consequences of arsenic poisoning, carefully prepared by their wives. In this documentary, the modern-day villagers, some of whom were already alive at the time and some descendants of the assassins or their victims, try to reconstruct how things could go that far. The unadorned stories are sometimes funny, sometimes unexpectedly touching, just like the tranquil images Astrid Bussink shot of the daily life in the vanishing village, of women walking to the folk dance hall with a walking frame and of the old, self-appointed village guard who, halfway through his thrilling story about the day a melon was stolen, is called by his mother.

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NL - Amsterdam International Docu Film Festival IDFA award







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