Tegen het vergeten Documentary film, 2003, 78 min.

Director Miranda weaves an impression of remembering and forgetting by introducing four people. An Iraqi artist incorporates his memories of the war with Iran and of Karbala, 'a city that is hard to forget', in his paintings. An elderly man in his dotage delves into his memory and finds snatches of the past. An old woman no longer recognises herself in a photo album. A 92-year-old woman, who has preserved her whole life in an unlikely archive of boxes and lists, tells about her time in a Japanese POW camp. The linking texts by a reflective photographer, who explains the purpose of recording things, and Huub van der Lubbe's voice-over provide pauses in a fragmentary story, which turns separate histories into a general reflection on remembrance and at the same time reflects the associative working of the memory.






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