Stille krijger Short documentary , 2008, 59 min.

'The constant is that I meet people with warrior potential', Tony establishes, who considers himself a possible guide for these seekers. Warrior is understood to mean: 'Someone wholly dedicated to wage war against the self that obstructs the view of the essence.' The highest good is to eventually gain 'silent wisdom'. Some ten years ago, filmmaker Jan Ketelaars lost track of his friend Tony when the latter turned his back on hectic Holland and settled in a deserted place in the south of France. Now, Ketelaars visits him, armed with a camera. Surrounded by wild nature, Tony tries to develop himself, in the sense of 'taking off the layers', letting go of routines, travelling to other realities. The 'hugely powerful energy field' surrounding him is particularly suitable for this. Meanwhile he builds and cultivates organically, and his loneliness is regularly interrupted by his girlfriends and other members of the 'community of warriors working on themselves and their environment'.



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