Steen Short documentary , 1999, 42 min.

Brick ovens belong in the landscape of expanses of water meadows by the river. Yet this picture is gradually disappearing, because there are hardly any old ring ovens any more, the chimneys are demolished and the 'brick oven people' are also lost and gone. Film-maker Erik Willems graduated in history on the subject 'the brick industry'. He now records his fascination with brick factories in the documentary Steen (Brick). It shows the production process of the brick, focusses on the beautiful lines of the buildings, but is also about the people in and around the brick factory. Brick oven workers, the factory director and the 'brick boss' talk about everyday life in the factory. The film also follows the former brick factory De Bovenste Polder as it gets a new lease of life and is saved from demolition.






Cinematographer - DoP


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