Soekarno Blues Lang Televisie Drama, 1999, 77 min.

Semi-biographical narrative in which the protagonist director Hans Hylkema, goes in search of the historic past of the former Indonesian president Sukarno. In the archives of the Theatre Institute in Amsterdam, Hylkema finds a film in which President Sukarno stars in a play he wrote himself, performed in the Tropical Institute. Incredulity is the reaction, because officially the president has never been to Holland. This is followed by a reconstruction of the best kept secret of Soestdijk Palace: the secret visit by Sukarno to Queen Juliana in the spring of 1949. In the form of a documentary, historical archive footage and fictional material are used to frame the find of Sukarno's play. The story of a charismatic leader who loved his country, people, women, art and above all himself.






Cinematographer - DoP


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