Siberia Feature film, 1998, 91 min.

The friendship of Hugo and Goof is based on a game they play at Amsterdam's Central Station. They pick up female backpack tourists, seduce and then rob them. Their higher aim is to make a journey round the world without leaving the city, so the game is subject to strict rules that Hugo invents and Goof complies with faithfully. For instance each tourist has to have a different nationality, the victim may not be taken home and the stolen money is put aside. However when Goof falls in love with the Russian Lara, he breaks all the rules and a battle for power ensures based on money, friendship and love.


NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






Cinematographer - DoP

  1. Cinematographer - Dop (82)

    Photographer Stills


  1. Herman P. Koerts
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