Sabine Feature film, 1982, 100 min.

Nicky, 15 years old, uncomplicated and cheerful, has been raised by her mother and had never seen her father before. Her father Nick, around 45, smartly dressed, knowing how to handle whiskey and women, has lead a life that left its marks on his face. He is not overjoyed when Nicky's mother tracks him down, because Nicky finally want te meet her father. He agrees to take her on a businesstrip to Aruba. When father and daughter meet after fifteen years ther're both very uncomfortable; one moment a frozen attitude, the next a dusty old joke. But soon their sky becomes clear. Then Nicky feels hurt and cheated, she suffers from an almost boundless jealousy, when Nick has an affair with an attractive lady. She becomes aware that she's in love with her father and invites a girlfriend from Holland, Sabine, who is in love with an older man.






Cinematographer - DoP

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