Reisverhalen - Reis door de leegte Short documentary , 2002, 50 min.

Director René Roelofs emigrated to Australia in 1982. The country has about as many inhabitants as Holland, but is 250 times as big. Roelofs was attracted by the favourable stories about the film industry, by the vast backwoods and the pleasant climate. But in 1988, he returned; he missed his Dutch roots and never felt really at ease with the Australian mentality of 'Don't worry, mate'. Still, the step back, from a house by the Indian Ocean to a flat in Amsterdam-Osdorp, was not easy. Especially on long winter nights, doubt cropped up in his mind. In 2002, Roelofs went back to Australia for the first time. He took a train from Sydney to Perth, right across the immense emptiness, in search of a definitive answer to the question whether he took the right decision in 1988.




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