Prins - Prince Feature film, 2015, 78 min.

Spitting sunflower seeds, Ayoub and his three pals loiter on a North Amsterdam square. The teenagers are kept in their place by the bigger boys from the hood, who badger Ayoub about his wandering, addicted father. By hook or crook, Ayoub will have to become tougher, to hold his own against the boys, but especially to conquer the beautiful Laura. He turns to the barmy gangster Kalpa, who provides him with the fast money, the Zanotti shoes and the self-confidence. Will Ayoub fall permanently for heavy crime? Subtle drama, surrealist comedy, western and coming-of-age film in one.

selections & won prizes

NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)
DE - Berlin International Film Festival Generation selection
DE - Berlin Berlinale Special mention

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