Patatje oorlog - Taking Chances Feature film, 2011, 83 min.

Kiek is the daughter of a sober mother and an adventurous father, who regularly travels to war zones as a Red Cross doctor. On one of his missions he goes missing. Powerless Kiek tires to use magic acts to reduce the chance something nasty will happen to him, because, she reasons, a child with a dead mouse, a dead dog and a dead father, that's impossible. Meanwhile, things are not going well with her 'role in the school musical and the relationship with her best friend. Unsentimentally, the film tells about the anxieties of a girl from the perspective of a young child. Her childlike imagination - with its unique logic - is visualised in funny clay animations. Patatje oorlog won the 2011 Cinekid Award for best Dutch film.

won prizes

NL - Amsterdam Cinekid Award
EU - European Film Award

other prizes

TW - Taipei Taiwan International Documentary Festival​ Merit Award

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  1. Leontine Petit
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    Staff at Lemming Film

    Producer (86)

  2. Joost de Vries
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    Staff at An Original Picture

    Producer (81)

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Cinematographer - DoP


Casting director

Production designer


Sound designer

  1. Herman Pieëte
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    Staff at Sense sound

Sound editor

  1. Herman Pieëte
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    Staff at Sense sound


Location manager 

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  1. Goedzoekers Locations for Film & TV
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    Paul Marbus

    Rene de la Rambelje

    Walter Kloos

    Tjarco van Wijck

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    Location Scout  (90)

Adr recordist 

  1. Sander Houtman
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    Location Sound Recordist

Location sound recordist

Supervising sound editor

  1. Herman Pieëte
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  1. Leon Noordzij
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    Staff at Spark

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  1.  Filmmore VFX and post-production
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    Remco Mastwijk
    2 awards

    Erik Demeris

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    Post-Production Visual Effects (87)

Post-production sound

  1.   Sense sound
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    Herman Pieëte
    95 awards  NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf  UK - British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award BAFTA nomination  EU - European Film Award

    Post-Production Sound (54)

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