Parradox Documentary film, 2010, 86 min.

Pim de la Parra? 'A charlatan. His films are fucking bullshit. He's a first-rate fraud. People in the audience, wherever you look: shit, shit, shit!' Says Pim de la Parra himself, in the opening scene of Parradox. The subject of the documentary may speak very condescending of himself and his oeuvre, director In-Soo Radstake disagrees with him and made Parradox as a monument to the equally self-willed and elusive De la Parra. He is not alone in his admiration. Colleagues, friends and ex-lovers introduced in the film break a lance for him, like Thom Hoffman, Paul Verhoeven, Paul Ruven and Erik de Bruyn. Parradox reconstructs the highs and lows in the career of 'Prince Pim of Paramaribo', but also in his eventful life, blending film history with personal history.






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