Op het spoor van een verloren collectie Documentary film, 1995, 65 min.

Documentary about a quest for a lost art collection. During and soon after the war, many valuable works of art disappeared mysteriously. These missing art treasures included drawings by old European masters brought together by the Dutch art collector Franz Koenigs, until they surfaced in Moscow. In Following the Trail of a Lost Collection, filmmakers Hilde van Oostrum and Boris Karadgev reconstructed the events that led up to the mysterious disappearance of the Koenigs collection and try to find out where the works have been for the last fifty years and how and why they were moved. A film about art theft, trophies of war, political intrigue and avarice.





  1. Cinematographer - Dop (71)

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Cinematographer - DoP

  1. Cinematographer - Dop (71)

    Location Sound Recordist


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