Onvoldoende voldoende Short documentary , 2002, 47 min.

The voice-over introduces the subject: the four- to sixteen-year-olds who attend school year in year out; the 'tabulae rasae' that will now be written on. Next, director Carina Ellemers mainly makes the images talk: in long close-ups of studying - and often pondering - children, demonstrating how well they can count or which numbers they can already (almost) write. Or the meditative repetition with which a single letter is mastered. But Ellemers also shows older children, learning geometry, English, swimming or playing the guitar. Patiently, she keeps close to her subjects, with the camera often at eye level, so the spectator imagines himself back in school. There is no music, so the typical school-day sounds can be heard. Shots of - still 'blank' - babies heighten our wonder at how much a child can and must learn.






Cinematographer - DoP


  1. Editor (74)

    Production Designer

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  1. Location Sound Recordist (84)

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