One Night Stand X - De leerling Television drama, 2015, 50 min.

Forty-year-old Lana, a Dutch teacher in secondary vocational education, is at an utter loss how to deal with her new student Benny. This sixteen-year-old kid is a loose cannon who has made Lana the butt of his humiliating needling. The feeling of impotence the aggressive and volatile student arouses in her drives the tutor to distraction. She is afraid of Benny, but at the same time she feels, to her own dismay, attracted to him. With all her might, Lana tries to evade Benny’s sinister allure.





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  1. Arno Willemstein
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    Staff at Firma Helle Willemstein

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    Remco Mastwijk
    2 awards  NL - Rotterdam International Film Festival IFFR selection

    Erik Demeris

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