One Night Stand X - De lange nasleep van een korte mededeling Television drama, 2015, 50 min.

A wellness centre. Every room breathes perfect harmony, or at least the chance of restoring it. Then, employee Jack casually informs the manager’s wife he thinks about leaving. Exit peace and quiet. Beneath the seemingly smooth-running team work, unexpected currents lie hidden. True characters are revealed. Minimalistic comedy of errors between the four walls of a Turkish bath full of narrow-mindedness.


NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





  1. Frans van Gestel
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    Staff at Topkapi Films

    Producer (94)

  2. Arnold Heslenfeld
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    Staff at Topkapi Films

Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP

  1. Cinematographer - Dop (80)


Production designer


Sound designer

  1. Sound Mixer (65)

Location sound recordist

Production company