One Night Stand VIII - Onder invloed Television drama, 2013, 50 min.

Absurdist TV drama about Kirk, who at the age of 35 still lives with his dominant mother Ineke. Their indolent life is brutally interrupted by the arrival of their new, high-spirited neighbour Marcus. He slowly shakes Kirk awake and drives mother and son apart. Ineke does not trust the intruder and wants to win her son back. In the typical humoristic style of the Van Dijk sisters, an inconceivable part of Holland comes alive.





Line producer


  1. Composer (77)

    Sound Designer (68)

    Sound Editor (64)

Cinematographer - DoP

  1. Cinematographer - Dop (70)

    Photographer Stills


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Sound designer

  1. Composer (77)

    Sound Designer (68)

    Sound Editor (64)

Location sound recordist

Visual effects

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  1.   Camalot
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    Philippe Vié
    Sebastiaan van Zuylen

    Camera & Sound Rental Comp (99)