One Night Stand - Snacken Short television drama, 2004, 40 min.

How do you hold your own at a party you went to with completely wrong expectations? If it turns out to be a party crammed with stylishly dressed adults, instead of the American fancy dress party your brother talked about? Sanne and Clarissa experience it. Sanne works in a supermarket as a cashier. One day, she meets a helpful guy at the checkout. She briefly watches him walk off. At night, Sanne and her friend Clarissa go to a party in town. On arrival, they appear to be by far the youngest and dressed completely inappropriately. Nevertheless, Sanne joins in with the crowd, unlike Clarissa. When they go to a snack bar after the party, they run into the boy that Sanne met earlier that day in the supermarket. Sanne instantly forgets the party altogether.





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