One Night Stand IV - Alex in Amsterdam Short television drama, 2009, 40 min.

The rather naive teenager Alex Meulenaers steps out of his family's flan shop, as the first person in a long Limburg bloodline. He leaves for Amsterdam to study Economics, a Christoffel flan (his own recipe!) for his landlord under his arm. But fate has something else in store for him. The fairytale film looks at the city through Alex' eyes: at times threatening, at times absurd, and always miraculous.





  1. Marc Bary
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    Staff at IJswater Films

    Producer (90)

Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer


Sound designer

  1. Arno Willemstein
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    Staff at Firma Helle Willemstein

    Sound Editor (52)

Location sound recordist

Title designer 

Production company

  1.   IJswater Films
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    Marc Bary
    19 awards  DE -  Berlin International Film Festival Golden Bear Award  NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf  NL - Rotterdam International Film Festival IFFR selection  US - Emmy Award

    Steven Rubinstein Malamud
    7 awards  NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

    Production Company (92)

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