Off Screen Feature film, 2005, 86 min.

Psychological thriller, based on the kidnapping drama that took place on 11 March 2002 in the Amsterdam Rembrandt Tower. A disturbed man protested against wide-screen TV, because he felt cheated by the manufacturers: the appliances do not produce a larger image, but a smaller one. Moreover, he considered the black bands codes that manipulated his viewing habits. Eventually, the man committed suicide. In Off Screen, Kuijpers examines the motives of this act of despair, introducing Jan Decleir as the protagonist, the solitary and almost retired bus driver John Voerman. The film shows how Voerman coincidentally meets Philips senior executive Wesselinck. Astonishingly, Wesselinck calls the complaints about wide-screen TV justified, and the two men strike up a friendship. But Voerman loses his grip on reality. In a self-created fantasy world, he gets entangled in a weird cat-and-mouse game, for which he has to pay with his life.



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