Nu. Feature film, 2006, 80 min.

Tender feature début with carefully chosen camera angles and attention to detail. Rose and Jaap, two lovers who have been separated (it is later clarified why), address each other in intimate voice-overs. He in Dutch, she in French, her native language. They find their deprivation hard to take; Jaap is so overwhelmed by it that he hardly functions. Now and then, he sees her in a vision or feels her comforting arms around him. He tries to do himself in, but is saved by his best friend JP. This willy-nilly womanizer takes him to France to visit Rose. On the way, the past is unveiled bit by bit, partly in the short sentences that Jaap and Rose exchange. JP, played by director, scriptwriter and producer Jan-Willem van Ewijk, played a vile role in it.





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  1. Herman P. Koerts
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  1. Peter Flamman
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