Novellen - Shit happens Short television drama, 2001, 24 min.

Shit Happens is an episode from the series of TV films Novellen, for which young directors and scriptwriters form partnerships. The life of the forty-year-old bachelor Richard is boring and predictable. Day in day out, this drab man analyses crap in a laboratory and after work rides his bike over the dykes back to his parental home, where he is still living. Richard does not have a girlfriend, to his mother's sorrow and his father's fury. One beautiful day, the new employee Maria becomes his assistant. She immediately takes a liking to him and Richard, too, thinks that Maria could definitely make a good match for him. Because the two are unable to make contact in a normal way, they do not get any further than to spy on each other and each other's houses. This leads to a hilarious situation with a happy end.





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