Nick Feature film, 2012, 88 min.

The intelligent but capricious Nick works as a sous-chef in a restaurant. He is good and he knows it. He doesn't have any respect for his colleagues and his girlfriend. When the cynical Nick is dumped by his girlfriend and he loses his job, he decides to go and search truffles with the Croatian waitress Kristina. In the vast woods of Croatia, he finds peace and himself after an unexpected encounter. Fow Pyng Hu's third feature film is a psychological portrait that peels off the complex protagonist layer after layer, until the spectator is forced to stop judging. The accurate photography and dreamy intermediate sequences, along with the stripped soundtrack and precise sound design, contribute to the atmosphere.





  1. Frans van Gestel
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  2. Arnold Heslenfeld
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  1. Menno Boerema (1958-2019)

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