Muziek op de vlucht Short documentary , 2016, 55 min.

In the refugee camp at Calais, a clear man’s voice resounds. Full of melancholy, he sings: 'I’m here, but my soul is across the sea'. It is a striking description of the mood the thousands of refugees are in, many of whom have been camping out here for months. In the makeshift encampment, the hope of a better life has been replaced by fear, sorrow and apathy. What remains is music. Out of protest, solidarity or melancholia. The music gives the occupants of the camp their dignity back. Calais gets a human face.



  1. Co-Producer

    Cinematographer - Dop (68)


Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP

  1. Co-Producer

    Cinematographer - Dop (68)


Sound editor

Location sound recordist

Visual effects

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