Modern Crimes Feature film, 1992, 82 min.

Feature film about the radio fitter Tim van Sandwijk. His life has been empty since his girlfriend left him for someone else. When his best friend Alex says he has fallen in love and wants to marry at short notice, Tim just feels more lonely. Alex unexpectedly commits suicide and Tim can't accept it. He has to find a reason for this senseless deed and the introvert Tim now withdraws into himself completely. A thriller-like conspiracy theory develops in his head, with Alex's girlfriend as the main suspect. As the mystery unfolds, an even more sinister truth comes to light.





  1. Kees Kasander
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    Producer (54)

    Line Producer


  1. Composer (79)

Cinematographer - DoP


  1. Stefan Kamp
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    Editor (108)

    Additional Editor Trailer


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