Mocros Documentary film, 2010, 75 min.

In 2005, Roy Dames made Ik ben Mohammed. He kept following some of the boys from this documentary from 2002 to 2010. In the sequel, Mocros, he shows them in approximately three-year intervals. Meetings and conversations with youth workers, a drug dealer, teachers, job selection committees and managers of temping agencies depict the problems these boys are facing in the Netherlands. They're not at home in the Netherlands and tourists in Morocco. The boys don't think positively of themselves. 'All Dutchmen are gossipmongers and motherfuckers', Nourdinne says. 'I didn't know how to get there by bus, so I let it go', Youssef explains his absence from work. Dames follows the boys all the way to Morocco. Gradually, the picture gets more differentiated and we understand why crime is so alluring. But Tomaz, who chose this path, explains to the kids it is a disastrous road. He lost his brother and brother-in-law in crime-scene settlements.



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