Mevrouw de Minister Lang Televisie Drama, 2002, 50 min.

In black-and-white and using many close-ups, this TV series in three episodes tells the story of the young, impetuous female Minister for Social Services and Employment Dirkje Holman, whose entrance in male-dominated political The Hague causes great commotion. When the social service sector is in a deep crisis, cutbacks have to be made somewhere. The plan is put forward to oblige unemployed people to do volunteer work in the health sector. This is incompatible with Dirkje's principles of social democracy. When, on top of that, the wise men decide that the solution should be looked for within Holman's budget, things really get out of hand. In her struggle against the ruling classes and back-room politics, Dirkje initially refuses to carry out the disputed plan, but under great pressure from the Prime Minister, she gives in. A storm of protest moves across Holland and Dirkje becomes the national scapegoat. Headstrong, Madam Minister holds out, even at the expense of her career and private life.






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  1. Giel van Geloven
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  1. René Jonkers
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