Me duele el alma Short television drama, 1993, 45 min.

Dramatised documentary about an underprivileged Dominican woman. The young woman, mother of two small children, works for a pittance in a sweatshop sewing garments. When she is sacked, she ends up in a bar where whores hang out and leave with customers. The work does not offer the woman any financial improvement. Fine stories eventually persuade the woman to try her luck in Holland. Europe may be 'rich', but there are precious few opportunities for the Dominican woman. She is forced to work as a prostitute to survive. This work puts her in a hopeless position. In the end she returns to her homeland, minus a few illusions and with plenty of depts. ME DUELE EL ALMA (My soul hurts) was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to disencourage Dominican women from coming to Holland.






Cinematographer - DoP


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  1. Cinematographer - Dop

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