Mama don't like no guitarpickers 'round here Documentary film, 2009, 95 min.

On the Amsterdam Ruysdaelkade, guitar shop De Plug is located, where Peter Boelen rules. A small urban oasis, where professional musicians or just music lovers come and go all day. People in need of a set of strings or a pedal can find it here, but also someone who wants to fork out a fortune for a classic Fender. You can also sell your old equipment here, or just drop by for a nice jam. Jazz, rock, blues: all tastes feel at home here. While the seasons pass by, Jacqueline van Vugt portrays the shop and its patrons. Many regulars are men who are marked by the years. They are devoted to their music and worry about broken relationships. Especially the brittle Brian, a brilliant musician with an alcohol problem, liver trouble and two children he never sees. Peter nails 'Lost in the 50's' above his door. He considers a new lawsuit to arrange for his beloved daughter to be with him more often. And will his summer hit have any success?




Cinematographer - DoP

Location sound recordist

Production company