Malle Appie Documentary film, 2002, 60 min.

Dutch artist Albert Mol (1917-2004) became famous as a dancer, choreographer, entertainer, actor and writer, but is indelibly stamped on the national memory through his appearances as a permanent panel member on the TV game show Wie van de drie in the seventies and because he was so candid about his homosexuality. Malle Appie follows Mol when he has been living for thirty-three years with his partner Guerdon Bill, who faithfully and lovingly takes care of the now aged and ailing Mol in their secluded farmhouse in the east of the Netherlands. Director Karin Junger tries to draw out Mol in all sorts of ways, but he remains a born artist. `You're dejected, aren't you?', the filmmaker informs. Mol immediately retorts that he is peaceful, quiet, and `doesn't regret anything'. From his sickbed, `Crazy Appie' still directed his own show.




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