Lolamoviola - Achilles en het Zebrapad Short television drama, 1995, 47 min.

Contemporary TV drama from the VPRO series Lolamoviiola. Achilles en het zebrapad (Achilles and the Zebra Crossing is based on the philosophical treatise by Yolande Jansen. The film tells the story of a young moped courier who wants to take part in a contest for the 'unhappiest consciousness'. He thinks he has a good chance of winning because he can see neither into the past or the future and as a result is condemned to an oppressive existence in the present. The film starts with a noisy moped ride through Amsterdam. An encounter with a young mother, who almost gets run over, puts the speed freak off balance. He realises that his hectic lifestyle hardly gives him any time to cope with his experiences. When he does the same journey again slowly, he sees his surroundings in a very different light.





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