Little Black Spiders Feature film, 2012, 94 min.

Belgium, 1978. Katja and a group of other high-spirited pregnant teenagers are secretly, under the nuns' strict and watchful eyes, waiting for the delivery. Some of them want to forget about this blunder as soon as possible, but Katja intensely longs to have her baby. The girls strike up friendships and share the sweet and bitter in these months, until the safe bubble bursts and Katja realises which plans the nuns are making behind their backs.






  1. Frans van Gestel
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    Staff at Topkapi Films

    Producer (100)

  2. Arnold Heslenfeld
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    Staff at Topkapi Films

    Producer (55)

Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP

  1. Richard van Oosterhout
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    Staff at Netherlands Society of Cinematographers - NSC

    Cinematographer - Dop (63)


Production designer

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