Links - Left Feature film, 2008, 83 min.

Dexter likes a well-organised life. The young man even carefully clings to it. One day at work, he sees a new colleague who is a spitting image of his girlfriend. At night, his girlfriend tells him she does not know what Dexter is talking about. This turns out to be the kick-off for a series of strange occurrences. He causes problems in traffic, he is sent on a mandatory leave and now sees carbon copies of people everywhere. A check-up at the hospital should make clear whether the collisions in traffic can be attributed to a neurological disorder. It turns out that Dexter has had a light stroke. This is why he cannot see anything on the left side and everybody resembles each other. During his recovery process, he is forced to drop his safe and regular agenda. Froukje Tan has elaborated this tragicomic story with a keen eye to visual detail. Dialogue is scarce. In the background, we hear the refreshing music and surreal sounds of the Easy Aloha's.






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