Liefdeswinter Documentary film, 2010, 90 min.

For filmmaker Gülsah Dogan, her uncle Cemal and aunt Emine are paragons of consummate love. Despite his old age, Cemal pays a daily visit to his wife, who stays in a nursing home, and despite her advanced Alzheimer she glows whenever he is around. In her documentary, Dogan wonders how such a passion is accomplished, and especially how it persists for so long. A tour along her relatives yields an abundance of answers to these questions, coloured by each speaker's love life. From incomprehension on the part of the old aunt who was married off and only knows love from stories, to anger on the part of the younger woman who dared to leave her husband. At the same time, the film depicts the love story of Cemal and Emine: how the two cousins were paired off in their native Kurdish village and ended up in the Dutch town of Enschede via the Turkish city of Adana. Gradually, cracks appear in the rosy picture that Dogan's uncle and aunt now radiate.





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