Latijnse Liefde - Latin Love Feature film, 2019, 90 min.

DEVELOPMENT. Latin Love, which next year on Valentines Day in the Dutch cinemas should turn, tells about Loes, who is suddenly called from the Cuban embassy that her daughter is going to marry a Cuban. She travels directly to Havana and is determined to put a stop to this marriage, which in her eyes is doomed to fail. But during her stay on the island of American vintage cars, old colonial houses and salsa music Loes regains her faith in love through an affair with the attractive Jan and her ex-husband Alex.The sudden burnout of their brother puts the family relationship seriously under busy. To what extent are the sisters able to take care of their brother? And what does this concern mean? As they try to lead a meaningful life outwardly, they fall to each other all decorum as only brothers, sisters or lovers can do.



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