Lang & gelukkig Feature film, 2010, 90 min.

Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, Cinderella and the wicked stepmother are only a few of the colourful characters populating the fairytale Lang en gelukkig. Pieter Kramer made a dazzling adaptation of the successful family piece by ROtheater. A contemporary musical, founded on traditional roles, featuring the wolf as the leader of the pack on a not so cool bicycle, the wicked stepmother as a Russian gold digger with a revolting taste, and the prince as a fat poof who has not found the closet door yet. The film follows the story of Cinderella, including ball, carriage and glass slipper, but with a singular twist, numerous songs (referring to existing evergreens) and vicious humour. The roles are played by the original theatre cast, featuring Arjan Ederveen as the ruthless stepmother and Sylvia Poorta as the not so innocent Little Red Riding Hood. Everything takes place against the colourful backdrops of the fairytales and in the drab reality of a nursing home.

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Golden Calf (2)





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  1. Peter Warnier
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  1. Peter Warnier
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  2. Arno Willemstein
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    Philippe Vié
    Sebastiaan van Zuylen

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    Erik Demeris
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    Peter Warnier

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